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Under the Son Day School

Under the Son Day School is an early childhood school that offers classes ranging from 2-5 years of age. We take pride in our classes with certified teachers specializing in early childhood education. Special consideration is given to teacher/student ratio for every age level. Our classes have age appropriate preschool activities which include literature, music, movement, and their own curriculum. Lessons incorporate Bible stories that teach morals and wholesome living.

Playing is serious business for our children, but Under the Son is much more than a baby-sitting service. A wide range of developmentally appropriate activities is planned for each class. Many of the application lessons are practiced and reinforced during these play times. Some of these activities include recess time, organized games, handwork, arts and crafts, and singing. Self-expression and cooperation are encouraged in all of the activities.

The younger children are taught beginning concepts like shapes, colors, and age appropriate activities. Pre-K classes focus on preparing for Kindergarten. The curriculum includes counting, letter recognition and sounds, fine and large motor skills.
Christian care is very important to us. The focus of our school, through all the fun, activities, and projects, is on the Bible and the son of God, Jesus Christ. Bible stories and lessons presented in our classes have universal application with an emphasis on moral standards and Christian values.

For more information about our school or enrollment please email our director Cheryl at or call our church office at 405-275-4180 to leave a message.